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Well at least this give me a reason to update my journal;

Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!


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United States
Deviant ID by Shadall

:shrug: ...Hi?

Writing to me is a hobby and nothing more! I enjoy writing stories and try my best to keep an original air about my stuff but lets be honest; there are way to many people on this planet so ideas will clash and be similar... it's just how it is!

Besides that I do fancy myself a bit of a RP freak! Doesn't matter what world or what story, I'll RP it...

Current Projects:
The Deadwood Academy Series! [Modern/Horror World]
Wysteria [Fantasy World]
The Problems of Cathan. [Sci Fi/Fantasy World]


  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: Battle Born - Five Finger Death Punch
Well at least this give me a reason to update my journal;

Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!

A crash, a bash, a smash rang from the very isolated rooms of the old bell tower. Two figures, one small in statue but big in stance and another a large four legged beast of wicked flame and deranged eyes continued to trash about the very bell tower taking pieces upon pieces of each other through blunt force and vicious fangs and claws. The figures continued to clash around the tower each giving everything they got in the vicious cycle of survival, both filled with hatred.

The large figure that lumbered over the other a crude Arcanine with bloody stained fur, a wicked grin on it's maw and a full tummy from it's last meal. A horrid monster known as 'Annie' a Pokemon that preyed upon the smaller feasting upon them in the most crude manner. A girl with no need for friends, an endless appetite, and a cruel sense of humor.

The other a smaller Pokemon in stance was a Marowak with a damaged mask, a torn scar around it's neck and a 'colored' bone held tight in it's grip stained with the very blood of the monster before it. Eden was his name a young Cubone forced to witness the passing of his mother by the very jaws of 'Annie'.

Two beings filled with a natural born hatred. One filled with it at the sorrow of his mother's passing and the other a monster by birth finding joy in it's wicked sting. The two had damned themselves in the tower, Eden wanting nothing more then to slay Annie and Annie indulging in the fact she may just have desert.

"You are quite lively for a meal... mostly all you little ones just scream and scream." Annie growled through her teeth, her body a bit rocked by the violent bashes of the trademark Marowak family weapon.

Eden did not reply and simply continued his assault in a blind fury. In quick succession Eden found his bone club hitting Annie's chin and throat, yet his attack left him open to a vicious claw filled right paw to his gut sending the little Pokemon flying back into the bell.

The bell let out a loud sound rattling them both yet Eden the most his bones creaking from the hard impact of metal on his back. Yet his hand found the side of the bell and he clang to it with all his strength as it swayed a bit.

Annie wasn't as easily shaken and through the loud sounds jumped up and up trying in a sick glee to catch the Marowak's leg in it's crude fangs. Eden through the pain pulled himself higher with one hand and with the other whipped his bone club out into the waiting mouth of Annie, cracking her upper teeth and chipping her fangs.

A harsh howl filled the air as Annie fell back and let out a gag as she struggled to get the bone club out of her mouth.

"Gah! Ak! Bleh! You stupid, stupid, stupid, little brat. I'll do you a favor and make it nice and slow, since you wanna suffer so much!" Annie finally was able to snarl getting the bone out of it's mouth.

"...F-Fine. L-Let's end this then!" Eden replied with a glare and with all his strength pulled himself up and kicked off the bell. Annie quickly leaped back up in response and opened her mouth to get a clean bite.

Eden in his last seconds quickly swung his tail at the chain holding up the bell, his tail turned into iron and with a large smash the chain was released allowing not only Eden to plummet to Annie but the entire bell itself.


~Two Hours Before~

"H-Help me!!"

A female Roserade cried out pulling most of the small villages attention even yours. As you looked over the Roserade was frantically waving her arms about and speaking a mile a minute, the people talking to her where a bit confused by her ability to speak twenty works a second.




"Slow down girl!"


The villagers could only shrug as the Roserade would not calm down, lucky for your sake you actually could understand the poor girl and stepped out to help her.
Pokemon RPB: Bitter Vengenace
A Pokemon role play without trainers? Wha!

Anyways. I've had this RP tucked away in my folder for quite some time and I'd figure to give it the old buff clean and throw it out for all those Pokemon dungeon fans and what not.

A rather vicious Arcanine has ruined many a life with her vicious streak of devouring smaller Pokemon. A rather uncommon crude trait of cannibalism amongst Pokemon. Annie has ruined the life of a young Cubone known as Eden who upon that day swore to be strong and kill Annie, dawning his mother's mask and her special colored bone he grew up into a fearsome Marowak with only one life goal to bring Annie to a horrid end... at all cost.

-Da' Rules-
1. Have fun! ALWAYS HAVE FUN! :D (Big Grin)
2. No Mary Sues, Gary Sues, Friggin OP character. Your character is not the omega power of the earth... --' In this rp.
3. I may have started this story, but it doesn't mean I have to finish it... get it? Together we drive this story home~
4. Have fu... Oh wait They're all out to get me...
A scream. A scream is where my story starts. Upon the vast southern seas of Wysteria on my lovers very own ship, The Golden Bite. I was nothing more then Isia's little lover boy to her ragged crew of bilge rats. Yet Isia saw worth in my street rat life, she took me in, loved me, gave me purpose. Yet even as I sit here and try to get lost in my past life the very scream still haunts me.

That scream was of Isia's very crew. All being slaughter one by one by a pack of pirate hunters lead by the man known as Good Roger. I had rushed to find the slaughter in progress, Isia and I'd baby robbed from her very crib and The Golden Bite slowly burning away. I remember the fear that nibble on my spine as I rushed through the carnage, ducking and weaving attempted blows by the pirate hunters and the cross fire.

I found Isia and our baby girl... dead. Good Roger simply cut up the small innocent child while Isia bled to death at his feet. I met his smug gaze as his loyal workers quickly turned their blades on me.

I did what I could only do in such a horrific moment. Charge... Charge in a blind stupid rage. I only remember punching one of the workers to death before I felt countless cuts and stabs upon my body and the very last thing I remember was Good Roger simply smiling as he chopped my right arm off as I fell back off The Golden Bite and into the harsh ocean below.

I floated for so long slipping in and out of an endless suffering, yet with each horse breath and lack of blood I never once felt my body slip from it's mortal shell... something was holding me there. A blind hatred, a pure rage, a hopeless anger towards the very man who ruined everything.

I awoke on the shores of the southern isles, a horrible twisted land ran by Mother Alisa. As I stumbled from the rocky shores I found myself roaming the horrible land in a blind anger. I was pale, to weak to defend myself and near starving and after my endless search for Good Roger it only brought me back to the very shores I had washed up on. My body was past it's breaking point and I could no longer continue, I collapsed and faded to black.

Yet I didn't. I had fallen into the strange rock only to sinks into it's orange glow. I was convinced I was finally passing. A small hope to see Isia's smile once more filled the emptiness in my soul yet it was quickly erased.

I found myself in a crystal cave and before me a living creature of orange crystal with the form of a female fatal. I was too weak to do anything but stare weakly at the creature who surely had me in her grasp, I couldn't fight back, I couldn't do anything but stare as her and what I assume was her children approached me.

Yet, of all the things I was ready for I was not ready for her to embrace me in a hug. It was a very cold rough hug, and as I laid limp in her grasp she whispered such promises to me, she cared about me, she loved me, she knew of my loss and the vengeance I so sickly desired.

I knew this very creature held within it a wicked power, a wicked power I could use to skin Good Roger alive. A power to bring forth the vengeance I deserved. I did not beg for this power, I did not gamble, I weakly demanded it over and over. As I did she only chuckled and upon my forth demand she reached into my chest and grabbed my heart.

The pain was unspeakable yet even as it surged through my body I heard her words, the offer, the possible pack. I was to be given the very power she had in return for my undying loyalty and my very soul.

I took the oath.

"You take the pledge, corrupting you heart, pick yourself up and do your part, end of the line, revenge is forever divine, yet your soul is forever mine."

I repeated back the very words she sang in my ear as a bubbling mass of orange rocks began to replace my right bloody stump. It covered my heart and spread to the side of my cheek. As this happened my very vision began to give away as a heavy sleep overwhelmed me and the last thing I felt was a cold peck on my lips.
Their Lore: Ghoul 'Jolly' Genny [Wysteria]
The cover art; "Commission - Ghoul aka Jolly" is done by Shadall
Do check her out! :D

This is the story of Jolly told by well Jolly. I've wanted to make lore stuff for you guys so you could get to know my characters a bit better but I found this little series; "Their Lore" to be a lot characteristic in a sense that it's only a bit of Jolly's true lore and to truly get to know him is to meet him in a role play and learn of him.
Liath Jr. Scarecrow.

Kyrie. [Herself]

Eighteen. [Immortal]


Old Aunts Farm, Route 9, Bullsworth Town.

Current Occupation:
On Old Aunt's Farm Kyrie is a helper to her families farm and thus aids her older brother Jason in the various grueling tasks and work a farm demands, from aiding the animals, to helping pick apples, Kyrie runs a busy life.

Kyrie is seen as being a goodhearted neutral in the alignments, as she will not seek out trouble unless trouble knocks upon her door first. If troubled Kyrie will see to it that she is able to solve the problem and with best intention help those who require her assistance.

Martial Status:

A medium patch of hair that goes down to Kyrie’s chin, it’s dyed pink, has two long bangs, and is very silky to the touch.



Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults:
Weighing at a light 90lbs Kyrie has a frail slender pale green body with a large sharp tooth mouth under her 'size B' chest. As she is undead her body is held together with red thread that she must replace daily.

Over Kyrie’s bust she wears a zip up hoody with a light brown color scheme and light white fluff over the sleeves and sides of the hoody. The hoody passes her waist and slightly covers the top of her skirt. Under the hoody she wears an off the shoulder white short crop tank top that stops just under her bust giving her belly some air. Around the waist of Kyrie she wears a light red pinstripe skirt that is short yet not short short. Under her skirt she wears a small version of women briefs which are a white. From below the skirt all she has are two patched up unbuttoned dark brown work boots that are noticeably loose with no socks. On her wrist lay a special accessory stolen from her ‘original’ mother. The skull charm is a beautiful mold made from real bleached bones and the chains holding it are made from silver and lined with beautiful gems.

Scarecrow Experiment.

Kyrie’s true parents are the Lich Queen Liath and the Mad Man himself Scarecrow. These two worked together to bring forth a proper heir to Liath’s throne, yet instead of a powerful child they got a very odd Kyrie.

Kyrie lacks any true elders in her life as she is unaware if Scarecrow or Liath even have relatives, thus the idea of having grandparents is very dim to her.

Kyrie’s guardians, or at least considered by Kyrie to put the new family that took her in upon her flight. The Old Aunt’s family  Jason and Becky took in the undead girl with open arms and did not show any fear in her strange mutations or manners.

Though Kyrie’s lifestyle choices and hope to remain in Bullsworth for most her immortal life she has made buddies with; Tonya, Unknown, Jarl, and many of the locals.

Kyrie’s enemies are a mixture of people that actually wish her dead like; Liath, Dr. Exodus, and Goran while people her friends hate like Albert and Verin to name a few.

Dreams/Life Goals:
Kyrie is visited often by dreams of being a human girl, a normal human girl. As attempts to escape her undead form or her strange form. Yet her life goals do not follow this dream and instead Kyrie aims to keep the Old Aunt’s farm healthy and alive for many generations.

Kyrie finds great enjoyment's in; The concept of small things be it an item, animal, person, or place.The nighttime from it’s wonderful moonlight glow to the various chirps and sounds of nature at this time. A fast food joint known as Rowdy’s for their awesome meat shakes The Scarecrow in Old Aunt’s farm as she feels she has a strange connection with the strange lifeless dolls. These are just a few examples.  

Kyrie holds dislike for; People assuming that she is a man eater because of her undead form. People who mock or hurt her friends in any way. Vegetables and fruits as the taste all but makes her mouth and tummy mouth dry heave. Her sometimes blatant lust for meat that fills her head with the ideas of biting people, yet rare. These are just a few examples.

An oddball, as such Kyrie can be seen as a girl with too many types of personalities. As such Kyrie can go from being a goofball who’s only out to make her loved ones laugh and take nothing to heart to shy young girl afraid of human contact and even hiding. Yet the two most notable dominant personalities are Brave as in Kyrie will stand up to those who could easily harm her or her curiosity will get the better of her and cause a problem.

Natural Skills:
For Kyrie her natural skills are the skills she was born with. As an undead with a large monstrous mouth on her belly she is quite intimidating to those who see her for the first time mad. Kyrie’s not limited to exhaustion or pain as being undead has destroyed most if not all her senses.

Supernatural Powers & Abilities:
While lacking the lichy like powers of her DNA mother Liath, Kyrie still has all the supernatural power expected by an undead mutated girl. A light footed, light girl, with unlimited strength and a mutant mouth on her belly which can swallow a person whole Kyrie is not a girl to take lightly in a brawl.

Kyrie is held together by very frail red thread that is known to come apart at bad or embarrassing parts of her life and on top of all this Kyrie is still just a zombie thus she can either be manipulated with enough meat like a dog or a single round to her brain will put the poor girl down permanently.

Kyrie has two types of temperaments ranging from the silly anger when someone teases or to in combat where she downright becomes pissed off and with a searing voice and clenched fist does not stop her assault until you are six feet under.

“I find that indulging in the nasty treats of the past to be very bad for you! I mean the future treats are even better... and they are BERRY flavor! You can't go wrong with that!”
Liath Jr. Scarecrow [Kyrie]
First off; I'm sorry. I'm sorry I keep making new copies of Kira's profile.

Yet I honestly feel like I nailed it with this one. I had quite a fit with Kira's profile for quite some time as things didn't seem to add up to me. I've only ever used Kira in a role play with Shadall and yet she evolved so god damn faster I thought she was a Pokemon.

So besides some tweaks and an upcoming lore update to this profile, It SHOULD be the final one of Kira... I mean Kyrie.

Kyrie: I hope it is! I don't mean to be rude Ricky, yet I find that you like to change our designs and concept more often that a speed reader flips the pages of a good book. Do they even know about the ORIGINAL Unknown?

^^; Shhh! They don't need to know about that!
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A while back I spoke of the idea of movement and how I'd soon be dwelling near or in Plymouth Massachusetts and this sudden change was quickly shot down once more in the sequel, yes? Well hold onto your seats because what good trilogy doesn't have a third movie; Not So Littleton 3 "The Movening!"

Yes, as of recent we have now made the proper step to moving to such a touristy town! Of course for the first two week we will be staying in the hotel where my parent's work as the place we've 'claimed' is still being "refurbished" or something, I dunno. As such, Monday - Tuesday I will be offline and will be help packing and yada, yada...

This also means my computer will be in storage till then so goodbye story progress for quite a bit. Yet all is not sad as Dave will be allowing me to use his laptop so I can continue to reply to the 'rare' amount of messages I get and continue to rot away watching Youtube videos. :P

If you've stuck around and actually read all this congrats. As a sign of my appreciation for your concern or maybe curiosity enjoy this video of a rather wacky guy doing challenges no sane person should ever do... but he's a beast so I guess it's okay! :D

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